Other ways we can help:

There are some local therapists that I would trust with your care:

Nick Call, LCSW @ Tree of Life Counseling

(801) 710-0421

​David Johnson, PhD & Katie Johnson, LCSW @ 

Ogden Center for Change

(801) 781-5733

Melinda Barker, LMFT @ Ataraxis Therapy

(801) 691-7686

Linda Protzman, CMHC @ Linda Protzman Counseling (Cash Pay)

(801) 941-5783

Kim Rippon, LCSW (Child Therapist)

(901) 621-6510

Other Providers

Ammon Fawson, LMFT

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the people in North Ogden over the last few years. I've been humbled by your strength, and inspired by your fortitude and desire for positive change. Although I may not always be available in the same capacity as a provider, I am ready to help where I can. Although Endeavor Clinic is closing its doors, there are still options open to you!

Ammon is still available to provide connections for mental health service, referrals to other providers, answers for basic questions about therapy or therapists, and also for pro-bono community services. These services are for trainings, suicide prevention education, or other public-facing forums that involve promoting positive mental, and relational health. Please call the number below to determine my availability and frequent topics.

Together we can continue to endeavor for better.